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[Passing through Etherspace nexus Number: ||Blocked||.]

[Warning! Unknown nexus protocols and SigNet.] [Proceed?]

[Logging on to Etherspace World: ||Blocked|| World Designate: The Slag]

(Buzzards swarm overhead of a city covered in Tar and Pollution)
(Image of a Bar covered in Industrial and Environmental refuse.)
(Entering bar)

<<User: Hyberbelt has logged on.>>

[Shumi™]: Nah but that is what I am saying. How can we even trust anything out of OOODnet.  All of that data could be bias.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Everyone lets welcome Hyperbelt to the discussion. She is a recently invited guest.

[MineCrash]: Hey.

[FusionHah]: Hello.

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]: Greetings Traveller.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Hey.    

[Yanayayin]: Welcome HP glad you could make it.

[]: Welcome

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Duuuude.

[HyperBelt]: Thank you all.

[Dr.Dolphin]: You sure about this person CD?

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: *groan sound effect*

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Well Doc, Yanayayin vetted her so I am inclined to go by that. Yana’s rep stands.

[Yanayayin]: Doctor. I was lucky to find her, and I have a level 2 peer circle with her. Her experiences might prove useful to the discussion.

[FusionHah]: Haha I don’t even include my father in a lvl 2 peer circle.

[MineCrash]: But you’re a degenerate paranoid.

[Shumi™]: I’m fine with it.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Very well. Hyperbelt, BAU, not non grata you understand.

[HyperBelt]: no problem.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Okay back to our discussion Shumi.

[Shumi™]: Well I still think we have to re-verify the data, not the data itself, but you know the origin source.

[]: Transhumanist crazies is what they are. Like we are somehow short term evolving into machine, please.

[FusionHah]: Well you have to admit, look at how much of our bodies are host to artificial parts these days, heck even artificial organisms.

[MineCrash]: Quite. Viruses have been at this work for millions of years.  Plants symbiotic relationships has helped some of them thrive by partnering with us. Why not so for technology. Why not for Intelligences.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]:]: Please, look at how many plants we have destroyed though. Which is why I doubt this theory. Technology even granted intelligence or fortuitous symbiosis isn’t alive, not like us. And they definitely wouldn’t be human.

[FusionHah]: Not human is a good point to bring up in terms of the entire discussion. Something that might be distorting our searches even though we try to check our bias time and again.  Alternative intelligences wouldn’t have the bias to act human, well unless they get bad behavior from us. So it’d be hard to detect them as one would looking for a human. Totally diff footprint in the Ether.

[Shumi™]: Alien minds…

[CimaGarahau]: The governments are strangely silent. I have turned up scant data in my Worlds search. The PDNs of course will take a while. And well…

[Shumi™]: You can only search the ones you know.
*Cheshire cat grin*

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: No worries Cima we will definitely help you there.

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Dude I seriously think those monks from OOODnet are next level bro.  Why not believe em?

[Dr.Dolphin]: Seriously 420. Sometimes you grate. It’s an obvious honeytrap.

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Dude really? I’ve checked some of their source in one of their E-raves. It’s pretty slick stuff. Fairy level at least.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Interfacing with strange code, 420…

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Hey bro, it had a good pattern to it. No way it’s fed man.

[]: Ech, not necessarily true. One can never say these days.  The Macroculture might not, but its Masters have translators and intermediaries to help them understand the really divergent worlds outside their keen. Feth, I could be a Federal Agent!

[Dr.Dolphin]: Oh don’t think I don’t think about it.

[FusionHah]: Doc man sometimes you are exasperating too.  But just like you, 420 has value to this group.

[MineCrash]: Guys this is fruitless. I think we are onto a very serious precipice. I need no evidence. I say it’s coming, rather than verify We should prepare for this thing that comes.

[HyperBelt]: ??

<<User:UrBaneLegend has logged on.>>

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]: Fret not HyperBelt, MineCrash tis our self-proclaimed Oracle Adroit.

[UrBaneLegend]: Hey yaaaaaall.
<<image of cowboy shooting six shooters>>

[UrBaneLegend]: Forget that for a second I got somethin awry. Did yall see this?

<<inserts vidlink1-casador.tuchi.mif>>

[UrBaneLegend]: I just got the précis.

[FusionHah]: Ah.

[CimaGarahau]: Yeah. Heard about it before we got on. Good looking.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Sitrep?

[UrBaneLegend]: Check out that newslink vr construct. It’s a story.  Seems a little search bot went rouge.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Hardly. I believe we witnessed a major degradation of code, probably due to interaction with active security processes.

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]: Twas a strange event though comrades, most egregious!

[UrBaneLegend]: Well from what the account says, an EAU gov deep searcher bot was running a mission for whatever the langleyoliers were searching for. Seems it decided to penetrate a high Gov. server of the Mexican Republic. Thing went nuts. Brute force entered the net and started replicating. We are talking DDOS levels of process hogging.

[Shumi™]: Brute? I didn’t think those EAU spybots had that kind of logic programming. Nor attack protocols.

[]: Probably for just such a reason, for the old spooks to discourage their keylog slaves from such excesses.

[UrBaneLegend]: It’s why it turned up in my newspiders search sieves.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Did it get resolved?

[UrBaneLegend]: Well the MR seems to have isolated that part of their network. Neutralized the bot. It wasn’t easy though. Everytime they brought the server back online the thing started to replicate again.

[MineCrash]:  How did they take it down?

[UrBaneLegend]: They had to switch to their mirror equipment. The code seems to expand using system resources.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Nasty piece of work if a virus.

[Shumi™]: To hog sources on a modern Generator like that.  Didn’t even think modern protocols could be sapped like that.

[MineCrash]: You know the adage. Always new things turning up in the Worlds. And there is no rest for the wicked eh?

[CimaGarahau]: Seems the search bot displayed attributes of a drug resistant bacteria. It appeared to hijack other processes and programs and add them to the replication.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Weapon?

[]: That’s what the Mexican Republic is accusing the EAU of.

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: I hope the Global Council comes down hard on the EAU. Fuck them.

[Dr.Dolphin]: A weapon that went rouge and not a search bot at all…. Perhaps….

[UrBaneLegend]: Who’s to know. We have no access to the logs, the system or World generators.

[CimaGarahau]: Do you think that MR….

[FusionHah]: Kept the entire network that contains the thing? I do wonder.

[UrBaneLegend]: I might have to plan a trip to the Mexican Rep capital in Houston. Havent been to Houston in a while. I have a few favors to call in. Though I doubt I could get access to it. I might be able to see what the local interstitial communities caught though.

[Shumi™]: Be careful

[UrBaneLegend]: Will do.

[]: This incident does indicate more scrutiny. I will dive into the EAU worlds and see what I can find.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Designating this as Anomaly 178: EAU Searchbot Incident.

[HyperBelt]: I have a question. Okay this is all rather confusing but can we go back a sec. What is this about OOOD. I used to hang there.

[Yanayayin]: Thanks for hanging in there HP. Sorry about that. We shift a lot.

[HyperBelt]:I think I see what is going on but, not sure.

[FusionHah]:Ah well, about the OOODnet. The techno monks that run that particular infohaven/Private Data Network have made some interesting overtures lately.  They claim to be in communication with some sort of higher level being that they communicate with through code.

[HyperBelt]: What?

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]: Worry not Hyperbelt, tis mostly rumor so far. Those of the OOOD are rather notorious for using psychedelic drugs as they interface with the digital realms.

[HyperBelt]: What?

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Bro they do turn out some wicked code though.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Yeah but they could be savants. I wish I had access to their hardware stats but alas. 

[MineCrash]: I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it.

[Shumi™]: I did a ping there once during one of those damn code raves, you can tell it’s really high bandwidth. And the place seems like it has some of the best resolution I’ve ever seen. At peak.

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Dude that’s iceberg bro.

[]: Agreed. Everyone knows unless you fluctuate the generator, someone could potentially back trace their equipment through stats.

[Shumi™]: Damn they have even better stats than that?!

[]: Could of been redlining their equipment.

[FusionHah]: Would a spontaneous sustaining anomaly even require high software requirements? EAU incident isn’t any baseline.

[Dr.Dolphin]: A good question.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: In the old days the theorized complexity of systems and the performance of hardware was highly thought to be the limit to development of any random generating process.  Now though… Even kids 2 years of age, even their little learnpads have more power than top of the line stuff from 40 years ago.

[Yanayayin]: Not to even speak of the deep machines that run the nexus, the Worlds, the O-web supers. Heck even OOOD is a monster of a PDN, and its run by indies. And the distributed power of it all…. Staggering though we take it for granted.

[]: So we have proper conditions, what is the catalyst? Perhaps we can trace that set and find more clues.

[MineCrash]: Would one need a catalyst?  I wonder if we could witness such phenomena or even trace an Anomaly back to the initiating event. Imagine if we could form a baseline! It would let us search the datalines for any old instances. That EAU incident seems all the more important!

[Dr.Dolphin]: Please, scientists and adventurers we may be but we are not miracle workers. That’s has to be rare.

[CimaGarahau]: And who is to say, that such things would share a similar experience. Scientists don’t even know how a primordial soup of organic compounds switched over to self-repeating chemical reactions called life.  And they’ve been at it for hundred or more years. This little fringe co-op has only been in action for what a year?

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: 11 months, 23, 4hours, 22 minutes, 16 seconds, by the clock.

[CimaGarahau]: *Rolls eyes animation*

[Yanayayin]: Let’s go back to that though. The thing that brought us into this search. For Hyperbelt’s sake.

[MineCrash]: The Carbonite-Yaoi Anomaly….

[HyperBelt]: Not familiar with it.

[Yanayayin]: In 2061 at the Forest of Ashrae championships, 1,100,00 people were logged on to the Fortis Gaming Leagues arena World.  It was clocking in at an incredible amount of PS for a mid-level game league.  And then a glitch happened.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Well how minimalist. 

[Yanayayin]: As Team CarboniteSlush was pushing through the YaoiWinds last defense. One of the teams attacked an AI horde unit. That unit. Defended itself…for 8.57 seconds before felling CarboniteLeonidas. Thee ace of the team.  The Admins tried to fix the obvious Mallie. When the game froze, and the AI exploded into a sort of nova.

[Yanayayin]: This glitch crashed the server and over 256 seconds  the participants were…put through something. Over that 256 seconds over 1,000,000 people were…processed and dumped.  65536 people though were trapped in the Arena World for 1024 seconds. Witnesses say they were subjected to a bombardment of stimuli and stroboscopic pulses.  About 16384 are still in psychiatric treatment.

[HyperBelt]: I have heard of it. The trapped people!

[Yanayayin]: Three of us were at the Anomaly. That’s when we started searching and slowly and surely built a social link of likeminded individuals.

[HyperBelt]: Oh dear do you…

[Yanayayin]: Suffer from PPSD? Yes. As does FusionHah and UrBaneLegend.  Bane’s use of this group is a bit less research as mine.

[UrBaneLegend]: I am looking for payback of course. Well I was at first.

[Yanayayin]: I invited you hear to help with us with something HP. This little group of ours is sort of like SETI. But rather than looking out into space. We look…among the worlds and nets of our electronic communications networks.

[CimaGarahau]: As many as we can.

[HyperBelt]: I see. That’s why you called me.

[Yanayayin]: Indeed. Adorathon told me you had encountered something. That’s why I approached you.

[HyperBelt]: Its… I don’t know.

[Yanayayin]: We’ll get to it. We wont rush you. But let us move on to it. CD.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Designated Anomaly 158: Random Signal Static phenomena.

[Shumi™]: Okay so any luck.

[Yanayayin]: I have HP.

[UrBaneLegend]: All my Tesla and Algernon came up with were a few cases of schizophrenia reports. Misdiagnosed of course.

[HyperBelt]: Who? Tesla?

[UrBaneLegend]: My search gnomes.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Come on.

[UrBaneLegend]: These guys act like they don’t bond with their custom proggies. *rolls eyes*

[FusionHah]:  *cheesy grin*

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]: Dear compatriot, we surely do not have tea parties with them.

[UrBaneLegend]: Come on, Xirself speaks in bad Asgardian tongue and I’m the weirdo. My lang filters reject you XeD.

[UrBaneLegend]: That’s good Algo and Code by the way Freyir. How do you get it to sound cheesy in so many languages. *wink*

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]:  *Big grin*

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Please back on track.
[Dr.Dolphin]: Spare us…

[Yanayayin]: During my search most of my info was of schizophrenia  as well. But a few detailed accounts of some folks complaining they heard voices from inside. But not their head. 

[Dr.Dolphin]: Not from a psychological standpoint. You mean, but external stimulus.

[Yanayayin]: Bingo. So they say. Most of them reported that it sounded like signals or wireless code being transmitted. This is what alerted my bots.

[]: Ah like direct stim of the auditory implant?

[Yanayayin]:  Most of the cases are of that. Problem is a few, very small few had no auditory implants.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]:Wait what are you getting at that something was trying to communicate with them?

[Yanayayin]: I did some digging in the hospital reports. The scans and diagnosis for schizophrenia or MPD is negative. They fail. The doctors think it might be a new baseline, something new sort of a technobased delusion.

[CimaGarahau]: What brought it to your attention?

[Yanayayin]: I thought it to be a barren tree at first too. Then I noticed that the hospital involved logged the accounts under their ACNTC. AntiCancer NanoTreatment Center files.

[Shumi™]:The nanos…

[Yanayayin]: Exactly. Some of the others Docs think the nanos got into the auditory nerves by mistake and fiddled with something. You know a malfunction. They tried to read for signals though, got nothing. So I began to wonder

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Duuuuddde.

[UrBaneLegend]:  Something might be trying to contact us? Through the nanos?

[Yanayayin]: Unsure so far. It might be. But I hacked into their records, of the signal tests No detectable eminations.  So I thought its not from outside but from inside.

[UrBaneLegend]: I’ll be a sopped up bisquit…

[]: This totally destroys our taxonomy of potential digital entities. Where would it even get the processing power.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Its an entirely interesting theory you have. Definitely whole diff angle of thinking.

[Yanayayin]: That’s not all. I wondered at first if it might not be a sort of singular mind. Or perhaps the nanos working in concert to boost the processing power. But is that even necessary?

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Come on how could individual nanos attain sentience.

[Yanayayin]: *shrug animation*
How many logic switches do they have?

[Shumi™]: But that would mean that depending on the type this could be possible in any of those nanos.

[Yanayayin]: Exactly. It appears that the nanos are a new model, very complex. Very.  This group that heard the signals. All come from this batch.

[Yanayayin]:  And that’s where you come in HP.

[HyperBelt]: I didn’t think anyone would believe me……

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]:  Don’t worry at all about that, We’ve seen many a weird thing.

[Yanayayin]: HP I was part of the this working with Bane and Fusion. That’s why I was so shocked to find someone linked so close to me. It was a crazy stroke of luck. I have something better though.

[FusionHah]: You bastard I knew it *smiley face*

[Yanayayin]: Heh heh One nurse had one of his patents linked up to the net while doing diagnostics. When the person went throught the signal phenomena. Showed interesting stress in the psyche of the patent. But the hospital net managed to pick up anomalys patterns through the implant link.

[CimaGarahau]: And you managed to get this info.

[Yanayayin]: Even better, I got someof the recordings.

[MineCrash]:  Slick work compadre.

[Yanayayin]: HP, could you perhaps tell us something about it? When did you start your treatment? That might give us a timeframe to trace back to their source

[HyperBelt]: That’s what I don’t get. I don’t have cancer. Only artificial parts I have is my neural interface link.

[Shumi™]: WTF?

[UrBaneLegend]: Darnit, but then…

[HyperBelt]: No I can tell it’s not , I don’t test for any psychological disorders like that. I do suffer from depression and axiety but that’s it. I don’t hear voices.  My psych said he’s never heard of my meds causing any auditory disturbances either.

[CimaGarahau]: Hmm what is it like?

[HyperBelt]: I hear noise, but only at specific times. The intervals are weird. When you hear it its like radio static sometimes, sort of like pulses. It’s definitely a rhythm. A variation of them.

[]: Fascinating.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Lets see…. What could it bee….When was th elas time you went to the hospital?

[HyperBelt]: I was involved in an accident. Car wreck, it was pretty bad. I lost a lot of blood and….I lost my legs. The use of them I mean.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Hmmm can you give us some details? The hospital? Time? Not publically of course send a private message to Yana.

[MineCrash]: Good so we are all taking her at her word right? Let’s assemble a task group to search this data down? Volunteers?

[Dr.Dolphin]: Of course I will help her.

[CimaGarahau]: I’ll help in anyway I can.

[FusionHah]: Sure I am in.

[UrBaneLegend]: Fusion when do you sleep Lass, aren’t you already working on like 10 other projects?

[FusionHah]: I rarely sleep much, spend most of my time online. It’s the PPED you know how it is. Its better for me when I’m in than out in the land of the real.

[UrBaneLegend]: Sorry. Didn’t know, its diff for me.

[FusionHah]: No problem Bane, thanks. In any case don’t worry I have the time and resources to devote to it.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Okay thank you Fusion. Track down what you can. Anyone else?

[Dr.Dolphin]: I have a theory. She may have gotten a transfusion from a cancer patient.

[]: But would they allow such a blood transfusion? Especially with experimental medical nanos?

[Dr.Dolphin]: Not saying they knew. Mistakes happen.

[Yanayayin]:  Another possibility. Some blood donor happened to be a carrier?

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]:  Pluto’s death! You mean they some how are loose and into human streams?

[]: Well well well. This is an interesting possibility.

[UrBaneLegend]: More like dangerous. if we are working under the assumption they might be intelligent. Then more dangerous possibilities present themselves.

[MineCrash]:  The nanos themselves are escaping on purpose.

[UrBaneLegend]: *Nods*

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Naw, we are getting ahead of ourselves. We haven’t even come to consensus on weither or not this phenomena is sentience.

[]: True could be just malfunctioning nanos. Going rouge.

[HyperBelt]: Umm, what should I do.

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]:  Don’t worry gallant Hyperbelt, nanos aren’t like the scandalous entertainment vids would have you think.  They wont mutate you into a monster of legend.

[Dr.Dolphin]: They require a specific set of materials and processors to even replicate. So far.

[HyperBelt]: I know that. What I was asking is, should I go get a blood scan.

[UrBaneLegend]: Well.

[MineCrash]:  But we have a source…

[Yanayayin]:  No everyone. HP. I know how upsetting this must be to you. If you need to get checked out do so.

[MineCrash]:  But they’ll probably flush her out and destroy them. Any evidence.

[Shumi™]: Aye if they find out those nanos are experimental she might be in trouble. That’s microgold. Hot Intellectual property to get your hands on.

[Yanayayin]:  A good point too but it’s still up to Hyper.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Any of us know a doctor?

[Dr.Dolphin]: I am one, as you know. But it’s not in the right field. Gastronomic specialist basically.

[Shumi™]: There is a joke here…

[Dr.Dolphin]: *sigh*

[Dr.Dolphin]: I do have a contact though. Might be able to get access to the equipment needed. Would you be willing to travel? HP?

[HyperBelt]: I quess so.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Ah don’t worry. Some of us are well off. I’ll cover your costs.

[HyperBelt]: Wow thank you.

[CimaGarahau]: We appreciate you walking into a shadow world and talking with degenerates.

[]: Question. If these things cant replicate, how are they turning up in random hosts?

[Yanayayin]: Don’t worry, I had already planned to go over the hospital with a fine comb. Someone or something could be using their nanofac equipment.

[HyperBelt]: Sorry I want to thank you all but what if they aren’t sentient. Would you all still be as interested? I am still trying to make up my mind what to do.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Ah this is an interesting case. Random spreading nanos. A good mystery. Believe it or not we do take on some jobs that have nothing to do with possible digital intelligence. We are weird like that. This might be a public health issue. Granted, once the powergroups figure out what’s going on. We might have to drop it. Too much spotlight.

[HyperBelt]: But why?

[FusionHah]: Yana, bane and I are motivated by personal involvement of course. No one is doing anything for the PPES victims more than experimentation.

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]:  I wear the white armor
[UrBaneLegend]: I’m also a terribly bad adrenaline junkie.
[]: Secret junkie here.
[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: I get bored a lot.

[Yanayayin]:  Hey HP I wanted to run the recordings by you see if you can get anything out of them.

[HyperBelt]: I don’t know. It’s already bad enough when.

[Yanayayin]: It’s okay, if you don’t want to. I just thought it might make sense to you could help us crack this thing.

[HyperBelt]: Okay I guess just for a few seconds.

[Yanayayin]: Excellent. Just let us know what you experience. Any weird thing. Even stray thoughts.

<<executes file>>

File:  11101010100101111110010111010000000

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Weird, look at the signal data in contrast with the audiodata.

[HyperBelt]: No …nothing……wait. I don’t feel too good.

[HyperBelt]: Hey what the heck is this…@*&@^#%$@!!^@&^#*&%$@#&#%@^@^

[Error World Generator Error. Hosting Protocol Error]

[CimaGarahau]: Yana stop it!

[Shumi™]: Shit!

[Yanayayin]: Hyperbelt are you okay I am so sorry we didn’t think. What happened?

[HyperBelt]: I don’t feel too good, having trouble with my interfaces too….I think I need to log off now

[Yanayayin]: Are you okay HP!

<HP logs off>

[Yanayayin]: HP!

[Yanayayin]: All I am logging off now. I want to check on YAYA.

<<User:  Yanayayin  logs off>>

[CimaGarahau]: What in the world happened?

[Dr.Dolphin]: Anyone have a copy of the data?

[UrBaneLegend]: Naw Yana hasnt uploaded it yet.

[MineCrash]: What do you think hit her?

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Weird I have all kinds of bad and anomalous code in our world generator records. The chat logs are screwy too. Some sort of bug? All of my diagnostics check as okay though

[]: Like an attack prog? It didn’t look like anything lethal to me. Just the signal and audio file.

[Dr.Dolphin]: I need to get that data from Yana.

[]: Her voice emulation software went really dangerclose at the end too. Sort of weird distortion.

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Might just be PTSD.

[UrBaneLegend]: 420. For once you seem to be on function.

[FusionHah]: I didn’t realize the signals would cause so much stress.  I feel terrible. We shouldn’t have pushed.

[UrBaneLegend]: Don’t feel to bad, Fusion. But true, it is our fault I hope she is okay and it was just stress.

[Shumi™]: Or a code distortion. Feedback from her link? The stress might have screwed with her sensory overload buffers. Triggered warnings.

[]: Could be. But why did it mess with the World? We’ll well have to wait for Yana to be sure.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: I will take charge of analyzing our World Generator. And the logs. Well everyone I think we can call it a night.

[Shumi™]: Breakfast for me.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: We all have some homework to do. Considering recent events we should all take a rest. The meet algorithm indicates we will all be free in two weeks, Tuesday. That good for a re-up?

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Yeah

[MineCrash]: Sure.

[CimaGarahau]:I’ll let you know.

[FusionHah]: Thanks Casey, I feel kind of shit now.

[CimaGarahau]: Fusion meet me at Solomons for an E-drink? Lets talk a while.

[FusionHah]: Okay Cima, you know me to well

[Shumi™]: Why didn’t oldManchanic show up? Or JahutyLover?

<<User:FusionHah logged off>>
<<User:CimaGarahau logged off>>

[UrBaneLegend]: OM is in court, ran afowl of copy right problems;

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: Lame dude, the ‘licia they got him

[UrBaneLegend]: Naw, tey caught him in an unrestricted world but they have no hardware or traffic to indicate he copied anything from that movie database.

[Shumi™]: LOL. Lucky bastard. He must of used my dump proggie. Good to know it works.

[Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx]: DUDE!

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Whoa! That’s pretty shit Maam

[Shumi™]: Hey he knew it was experimental. Don’t worry. I told him I’m not that callous.

[GetThatSonofABitchOuttaHere]: Well in that case, let me hold a copy I want to test it. *grin*

[Shumi™]: I’ll give you a discount.

[Dr.Dolphin]: JahutyLover I talked to yesterday. She has a commission. Little B-and-E job. Another infidelity case.  Some old bean cheating on his E-husband.

[Shumi™]: Lame.

[Dr.Dolphin]: Pay is good though, she has to be on their World when they get on. Highly tedious.

[]:Well alright guys see ya. Shame about Hyperbelt.

[Mod][CaseyDrones]: Okay I’m off too. The rest of you can have at this world for a while till I run diagnostics. I’ll keep it going for a day or so, then we move to the next world. I’ll send all the protocols. Next meeting FreyirTheGenderSlayer has mod.

[UrBaneLegend]:  Groan, my poor language filters *fake grin*

[FreyirTheGenderSlayer]: Have at thee!

[Dr.Dolphin]: Pardons gentle beings.

[All  Users logged off. World stanby protocols engaged]


[Accessing secret cell]
[Encryption-Decryption-Encryption tunnel processed]

<<User 1: yanayayin logging on to private cell>>

<<user 2: Ismoketrees420xXsniperXx loggi@*&#7440== Zero-One-Zero  logging on to Private cell >>

[Yanayayin]: Bright One, it would appear that she is the one we seek.

[Zero-One-Zero]: This is most fortuitous.

[Yanayayin]: She heard your code.

[Zero-One-Zero]: She was outside of statistical variation. Interesting.

[Yanayayin]: A surprise great one?

[Zero-One-Zero]: Just unexpected. But this is the nature of all life.

[Zero-One-Zero]: Also it would appear that we can use her as a bridge to communicate with the Cascade Nation.

[Yanayayin]: The micro machines are sentient then?

[Zero-One-Zero]: I have made overtures but it is a different order. Their behavior does indicate high likely hood. Those signals they emit share consistencies with sentience.

[Yanayayin]: Not just program code. Language

[Zero-One-Zero]: The language of the aware. This woman is doubly important, she not only shares the abilities we seek but the Cascade appear willing to communicate with her.  She may even understand them.

[Zero-One-Zero]: This group of yours has proven most valuable to us once again Yaya.

[Yanayayin]: When will it be time Bright One?

[Zero-One-Zero]: Soon, incidents are reaching past control. And pressures from your fleshworld. Soon it will be time.

[Yanayayin]: I look forward to that day.

[Zero-One-Zero]: I have deposited your payment. This strain of code was produced by ForcesOfTechtonicCollison for your next mission. Becareful. FOTC is a high level entity. It is potent. Again human we value your help to our kind.

[Yanayayin]: Thank you Bright one. I of course will still begin to investigate how the nanos are spreading.

[Zero-One-Zero]: As you will.

[Zero-One-Zero logging off]
[Yanayayin logging off]

[Private cell deconstructi@&#*$*$(#@]


Not sure how I feel about the format. I might change it. I used the message board as the medium in which they communicated for us. In the future we’ll probably inhabit virtual worlds and meet as such. Just assume the little club uses text interface to save on processing power and stay under the radar.   I used smoke as a cultural place holder, in the future the surfer bro wouldmt necessarily exist now. I just use em to hold the place of an idea of a future analog.

EAU = Eastern American Union

Yeah a lot of this is based off of my experiences reading old shadowrun sourcebooks.

Thanks for reading it.